Monday, April 16, 2012

because i have to start Somewhere

this is really because of Jen, if you must know.  she inspires me.  go visit Jen's blog and you'll see why.   she invited me to a blogging class run by a fellow homeschooler.  so i went and learned some stuff, particularly about how easy it really is to set up, and now i'm actually following through.

one of our jokes at home is that "if we just got better organized, we could...[insert verb here] more/better/faster/whatever."  i'm a fan of technology.  i spend plenty of time online looking at what others do.  i'm curious, after all, and i'm a homeschooling mom, so i'm always interested in what the world holds and wondering what others are up to and how i might choose to incorporate cool ideas or fun projects into our family experience.  funny thing is, i have friends who are a lot like me and we're constantly checking in with each other about fabulous books we've found at the library or awesome websites that have just the right directions to explain how to do that complicated project we've been thinking about but didn't want to try on our own.  we form this kind of mutual admiration society where each of us wants to be homeschooled by the others and we breathlessly expound upon the new Greatest Thing Ever that we have found and simply MUST tell each other about.  these tidbits of conversation are captured on scraps of paper that may not make it out of the bottom of my purse or in emails that i never delete but don't sort, either, so i can't remember what i wanted to look for in the first place.  or, worst yet, i promise that i will send them a link or a message and then i don't.  (sorry.)  there's just so much to share and i have some ways to capture that information but it hasn't been enough.

plus, i have so many people with whom i want to share details of our lives but i feel woefully inadequate to the herculean task of keeping up with any of them, let alone all.  i do still send handwritten notes, but it's happening far less often than i like.  sure, i occasionally can get on the phone, but it's usually to schedule an appointment, rather than to have an actual conversation.  there's rarely a time when such a conversation will go uninterrupted.  and that's only when i can't get to my email because one or the other of the kids is on the computer honing math skills or improving their speed at locating all the states on a U.S. map or watching youtube videos of rocket launches or LEGO building sets or writing a story or learning about composers and on and on.

hence giving this blogging thing a try.  sure, i can only work on it late at night when the kids are asleep, but who really needs that much sleep, anyway, right?  plus i'll feel so much better when i can just say to my friends the next time we see each other, "hey, i've just been to the library and i found this awesome book about such and such.  go check my blog."  i might even sound kinda cool or hip saying it.

so grab your favorite beverage and sit and relax for a moment and see what we've been up to.  maybe i'll be lucky and i'll hear back from you :)


  1. I feel cooler just reading this blog! <3

  2. I'm excited to have the opportunity to peer into the Mind of Dawn! Happy blogging!

  3. Looking forward to reading your blog, Dawn. I miss you!

  4. aw, I love it. Just love it. Mutual Admiration Society - love it. I'm smiling, despite my bleary-eyed tiredness ; )